Cleric autonomously triages and root causes alerts from production applications without requiring runbooks.

Automatically investigate issues

Cleric investigates alerts autonomously, collecting and presenting relevant evidence to justify a root cause proposal. Save hours by eliminating manual investigation of each alert.

Prioritize critical alerts

Cleric triages alerts at scale, identifying and prioritizing critical issues that require immediate attention. This ensures you only get notified for high-impact problems.

Intelligent runbook execution

Cleric selects and executes the most appropriate runbook for each alert, enabling rapid diagnosis. If runbooks don't provide sufficient evidence, Cleric switches to first-principles reasoning to identify the root cause.

Cleric is designed for safety & privacy

Read only access
to infrastructure
Deployed entirely
within your VPC
Bring your own LLM

"With its groundbreaking AI, Cleric not only democratizes problem-solving in complex Kubernetes and cloud environments but also introduces a new level of self-service and efficiency for product teams. I can't wait to see what future iterations of Cleric will achieve!”

Saro Subbiah
ex VP of Engineering, Sysdig
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